The new red Little My mug by Arabia coming in February 2015!

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Moomin mug Moominpappa.

The new 2014 Moominpappa mug features illustrations by Tove Slotte-Elevant and it shows the adventurous Moominpappa sailing. It is set to be released together with the new Moominmamma mug and they go really well together.

Moominsummer Moomin mug 2016 - green - Arabia

The Moomin Summer Mug 2016 - Midsummer is the seasonal summer mug 2016 from Arabia. The mug was designed by Tove Slotte-Elevant and was inspired by the original illustrations from Tove Jansson's book


Arabia Moomin Mug: Snorkmaiden : Gifts and Accessories from Scandinavia

uusi niiskuneiti muki

This pink Moomin mug by Arabia from 2013 features Snorkmaiden dressing up and making herself pretty. It's beautifully illustrated by Arabia artist Tove Slotte.

Muumimuki "Water mug" -sarja (vaaleansininen) Yamaka, japanikko

Muumimuki "Water mug" -sarja (vaaleansininen) Yamaka, japanikko

i want it so bad!!! mumin

Moomin Skiing Competition - Muumi hiihtokilpailu (seasonal product - the other side