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Horse Digestive Disease Chart.

This is a good chart to keep and study. It will help to learn the digestive system of a horse. I appreciate the placement showing the sides and a spread out picture of it.

Aged and Gilded (Palazzo-Interiors & Gardens): I Want to Play Outside

Just as the glorious weather begins the team at "Down that Little Lane" have put together their inspirational decor for your garden ideas! Here are some great things you can do to spice up your garden and turn it into an outdoor haven!

Good visual to show students that don't know also read the tail and legs

Funny how most ppl dont understand horse language. I see ALOT of horses ears pinned in pictures my friends take or others and lil do they know the horse isnt happy or getting pissed!

Did you know? Back in the day, equestrians often didn't have time to greet and speak with all the other riders before a foxhunt... so they put ribbons in their horses' tails to communicate what otherwise couldn't be communicated while racing over the fields.

Do You Know What The Different Ribbon Colors Mean? Equestrians for many generations have used colored ribbons in their horses' tail to communicate with other riders. Learn the ribbon color meanings, so that you too can be an informed equestrian.

Pallet slipped over fence posts for quick fencing

Pallet slipped over fenceposts for quick fencing – maybe this will block the view of the dog next door that barks at EVERYTHING! Pallets slipped over fence posts for a quick and cheap fence; could be used for making dog kennels or just a neat fence.