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Pretty Sedum is an easy-to-grow perennial that turns brick red during the fall. Find 19 more beautiful perennials:

Top 20 Perennials for Your Garden Sedum The fleshy leaves and bright flowers make sedum a popular perennial. It is practically foolproof, and offers spectacular color during the latter part of the growing season when most other flowers are fading.

4. Don't throw out the water your boil your eggs in. This water contains tons of calcium that your plants will love. Just let the water cool and dump it on your plants Also a bunch of other really random helpful tips

Boiled Eggs: Don't throw out the water you boil your eggs in. It contains tons of calcium plants love. Let water cool and dump it on plants. Save egg shells, rinse them out really well, crumble, then mix in with dirt and/or potting soil before planting.