In July 2012, we and grandson, Joshua, toured the Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki and then took an overnight ferry to St. Petersburg, Russia.


Nordic illustrated map sweden norway and finland denmark iceland : Beautyful drawing map love the Colors too

'F' is for Finland with this next alphabetical countries worksheet from KidsPressMagazine! #geography #EuropeanCountries #Finland

Finland Culture Map

Fun colorful sketch collection of Finland icons, countries alphabet

Finland and its provinces - tell something unique about each area of Finland

VIP Finland Concierge is going to tell you and help you in Finland and its provinces

<3 Suomi-Finland <3  - There are exactly 187,888 lakes (larger than 500 m²) and 179,584 islands within the territory of Finland.

Suomessa on järveä ja saarta. I Finland finns det __ sjöar och __ holmar.

38,000 HISTORICAL MAPS to Explore at ... The DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY OF AMERICA announces the addition of a vast treasure trove of maps."  - R.J. Rosen,  The Atlantic ... "The collection focuses on rare 18th & 19th century North American & South American maps & other cartographic materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia, & Africa are also represented."

Oh the Places You'll Go: 38,000 Historical Maps to Explore at New Online Library

Digital Public Library of America Announces Partnership with David Rumsey Map Collection

Scandinavian Settlements of England in the 9th-11th century

mapsontheweb: “ Age of Vikings - Scandinavian settlements in the - century Source ”

Between Apathy and Antipathy: The Vikings in Irish and Scandinavian History

The principal sources for the history of marriage in early Ireland are the law tracts in Irish and Latin, all the most important of which were probably written up within half a century of AD

The new map of Greenland's topography. The straight lines visible in the interior of the continent are artifacts from aerial surveys that measured ice depth. Blue areas are below sea level #greenland #map

Greenland may lose more ice than expected

Greenland Beneath the Ice: Topography of Greenland (blue is below sea level).

some historians localized Hyperborea in Greenland, near the Ural Mountains, on the Kola Peninsula, Karelia, on the Taimyr Peninsula - most likely Hyperborea was located on the now submerged island-continent of the Arctic Ocean - this latter location confirmed by the well-known map of Gerard Mercator, 1554, where it is clearly visible as a country surrounded by a ring of mountains, in the center of which stands the sacred mountain

Along with the legends of Atlantis in ancient history living legend of Hyperborea - the country in which he lived a holy nation, situating abilities.

Old World Slave Trade Routes before 1759

Later to the North America, Caribbean, Brazil, etc. ▓ Old World Slave Trade Routes before 1759

THEORETICAL concept map as to how Europeans may have been the first to reach North America: along an Atlantic Ocean Ice bridge - based on a some tools found on the East Coast dating between 26,000-19,000 years ago which are "virtually exactly the same as western European materials." We will have to see more on this one.

How Europeans WERE the first to discover America - but it was 20,000 years before Christopher Columbus