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two different pictures with the words, what the kobod looks like how the kolod thinks they look
You can't say the little guy isn't confident.
an image of some comics about the characters in avatars and how they use them
Just A Gigantic Batch Of Dungeons & Dragons Memes
the comic strip shows how to use an email
Monster Quest [Comic] - Geeks are Sexy
an image of some cartoon characters on the same page, with caption in english and spanish
Hilarious Harry Potter jokes that aren’t just for fans
the evolution of teenage mutant turtles
an image of a dinosaur skeleton with the caption idea for a dnd character palentologist necromacer source trirantops - sketches
Trisarahtops-sketches Idea for a DnD character: Paleontologist necromacer. Source: trisarahtops-sketches - iFunny
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an image of a sci - fi character in the middle of a battle with other characters
Beneath the Waves - The Battle, Dominik Mayer
a brown and white dog walking down a rain soaked road
Dungeons and Dragons Memes - Funny D&D Inspired Memery
a comic strip with two women talking to each other
two cartoon images with the caption that reads, when the encounter is hard than intended