Zentangle Art

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a drawing of an abstract design on paper
someone is drawing something on paper with their hands and the image looks like an abstract pattern
Zentangle doodle.禅绕画,缠绕画,简单有趣减压
the pattern is designed to be used for children's crafts, including hearts and flowers
someone is drawing something on paper with a pencil
Drawing Zentangle – Zenplosion Folds
a black and white drawing of a house surrounded by trees
Crooked house in woods mandala
a drawing of many fish swimming in the ocean
Cute Fishies, Zentangle fun -- Step-out and Finished Examples
someone is drawing a cube on top of a piece of paper
"zentangle Inspired 3d Illusion Art - 2d To 3d Patterns"
someone is drawing an intricate design with black and white pencils on paper, while another person holds the edge of their hand
Drawing Zentangle – Mazorito