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an info sheet with different languages and penguins on it, including the words in different languages
How to say "Penguin" in Different Languages
Waddle into World Penguin Day by learning how we say 🐧 in different languages!
a monkey with a hat is looking at himself in the mirror and text reads get ready for
🌍 Introducing Ling 2.0!
🌈✨ With a sleek new logo, vibrant color scheme, and more user-friendly interface, we've transformed our app to give you with an immersive and tailored language-learning experience! 🔥 Join us on this exciting adventure as we make language learning more accessible, engaging, and effective than ever before! To learn more about our rebranding initiative, scan the QR code in the post! 💙 Don't wait any longer – download the Ling app today to unlock your linguistic potential!