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a light that is on in the dark with some kind of wire attached to it
a white light hanging from the ceiling in a room
State of the Art Pieces of Etherial Lighting Design | Boca do Lobo | Inspiration and Ideas
an abstract light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and windows
Wireline by Formafantasma for FLOS.Photo by Officine Mimesi.
an overhead view of a living room with gold rings hanging from it's ceiling
South Shore Decoration
50 Favorites: Iconic Lighting (Billy Cotton Pick Up, Adler Meurice, Sputnik and More)
an empty hallway with many lights on the ceiling and doors to the other rooms in the building
21+ Best Wonderful Design Ceiling Design Ideass For You
We've seen our fair allocation of creative ceiling design ideas. There are consequently many ways to accentuate a room by using the ceiling as a focal point; the untapped potential lies in the choices you and your architect make. Just see taking place more often, and you will eventually locate the perfect obsession to expose yourself through design. #ceilingcolorideasdecoration, #ceilingideasformobilehomes, #ceilingideasforfamilyroom, #ceilingideasforgarage, #ceilingideascheap
a man is standing in an empty room with his back turned to the camera and light strings hanging from the ceiling
LUKE LAMP CO | Tracer Swag
Custom LED rope lighting, chandeliers, pendants, and nautical rope lights for restaurants, homes, and businesses around the world. Made in New York.
the interior of an office building with black and white walls, floor to ceiling windows, and circular lights
Belfry Tashkent
Belfry Tashkent Jewellery Store, Tashkent, Uzbekistan :: Ippolito Fleitz Group Architects
the instagram page for instagram com features an image of a dining room and office area
161 Collins Street Bates Smart
2019年3月上旬dms帝美思灯饰是一家专业的灯饰公司, 电话14776054348微信同号 网站公司主要经营高端酒店定制灯饰 ,大型酒店灯具,会所灯具,售楼部灯具,沙盘区灯,别墅大厅灯具,餐厅灯,大型商场灯具,大型工程灯具,个性艺术造型灯饰,会议厅灯,异型灯,大型吊饰,大型水晶灯,玻璃灯具
an indoor dining area with tables, chairs and lights hanging from the ceiling in front of windows
Gallery of L28 Culinary Platform / Kimmel Eshkolot Architects - 3
Gallery of L28 Culinary Platform / Kimmel Eshkolot Architects - 3
a light that is hanging from the ceiling with some circles on it and lights in the background
Spotools Blog
Find the best luxury inspiration for your next lamp to give the extra modern look you need. For more visit