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Marie Kondo is taking the organization world by storm with her famous KonMari method of folding clothes. Included in this article is a KonMari method checklist and wall art. Kondo asks each item if it sparks joy and if it doesn't, she declutters it. Organizing has never been so much fun with the KonMari method. You can get your kitchen, closet, bathroom, and more organized fast with her tips. #konmarimethodchecklist #konmarimethod #mariekondo #organizing #sparkjoy #mariekondofolding

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an advertisement for the playroom with toys on it
What to do with old toys - 4 quick and easy options
Decluttering the playroom is necessary for multiple reasons, but what do you do with the old toys after cleaning out the playroom? Here are 4 simple options for getting rid of old toys. Toy Decluttering | Playroom Decluttering #declutteringtips
how to declutter paper piles with crayons and pencils on top
How to Declutter Paper Piles With A Simple Organization System that Works!
4 ways to store books (without a bookshelf)
the printable planner is shown with rainbows and clouds on it, as well as text
Small Business Planner Printable
This 2022 printable business planner will help you stay organized this year in your personal life and business. The rainbow boho planner theme is whimsical and fun, while also being functional. It includes monthly dated pages, weekly planner pages, and daily planner pages, along with pages to keep your business organized.
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How to Declutter Piles of Paper
Before: Lego Storage
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25 Tips For Managing Your Memorabilia - Good Life Photo Solutions
How to Deal with Your Memorabilia Part 2. Expert advice on how to deal with your precious keepsakes. |
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How to plan your month out by the first!
How to plan your month out by the first! What you really should do by the first of the month! #month #monthly #plan #schedule