Moomin by Tove Jansson. Adorable and much loved illustrations. Early moomins were thinner than todays.

Moomin by Tove Jansson. A Finnish artist. A fun find being Finn.

Moomintroll hugging his mother.

apron dishwashing hug hug_from_behind moomin moominmamma moomintroll mother's_day mother_and_son no_humans nomiya plant window

Snufkin and Moomin

Snufkin and Moomintroll


Image brown_hair bucket clouds fishing_pole hat hatihamu_(artist) moomins moomintroll outside short_hair sky snufkin waving

Snufkin and Moomin

Image bridge eyes_closed harmonica hat hatihamu_(artist) legs_crossed moomins moomintroll musical_instrument outside river scarf sitting snufkin

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Image boots brown_eyes brown_hair gloves hat moomins mug short_hair sitting snufkin solo watercolor

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“I’ll come when it suits me” said Snufkin, “perhaps I shan’t come at all. I just may set off in another direction entirely.” Snufkin quote >>> Possibly most fans' favourite character in the Moomin universe, Snufkin.

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