Baby and Toddler Sensory Play

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a baby laying on top of a bed next to a person holding an object in their hand
Activities for 0-3 Months
These baby play ideas are activities for 0-3 months that guide development and play. These occupational therapy activities support development.
how to dye salt for sensory play colored salt
How To Color Salt - Little Bins for Little Hands
How to dye salt for colored salt sensory play
a collage of photos with the words incredible edible sludge in blue and green
Edible Sludge Sensory Play
two ingredient moon sand recipe for kids to make with marshmallows and other ingredients
How to Make Moon Sand
This moon sand is such an easy kids craft - it only has 2 ingredients! It's soft and moldable and the best kinetic sand recipe we've ever tried. This is a great sensory play idea and a super fun summer activity for kids, tweens, toddlers, and preschoolers.
two children playing with bubble trucks in a plastic container on the floor and text overlay that reads, bubbles trucks have you made bubble foam?
Bubble Foam Trucks Activity - Busy Toddler
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an art project for kids with watercolors and paint
Fly Swatter Painting
A fly swatter instead of a paintbrush? Absolutely! Who says you can only paint with a brush and your hand? Have you ever tried fly swatter painting? Now’s the chance to explore an awesome painting art project with easy materials. We love simple and do-able process art for kids!
an apple with the words early learning play ideas for young kids, written on it
Early Learning Play for Preschool Back To School Activities
early learning play activities and ideas for kids math science colors alphabet
the red, white and blue beach day play is perfect for kids to do in the sand
4th July Beach Sensory Sink for Easy Summer Sensory Play
4th of July Beach Sensory Sink
the best science activities for toddlers that are fun and easy to do at home
30 Science Activities for Toddlers
Even toddlers have the capacity and desire to learn science, and the following science experiments for 2 to 3 year olds help you do just that! These fun science activities for toddlers provide opportunity to explore the natural world, learn through sensory play, observe simple chemical reactions and much more!
sand dough is shown with the words, sand dough simple sensory play 3 ingredients
Sand Dough Recipe - Little Bins for Little Hands
New! Sand dough! So easy and fun to make and very similar to our popular cloud dough! This simple sand dough recipe uses just three ingredients, flour, play sand and oil. We love easy sensory recipes! Try this 3 ingredient sand dough recipe today! #sanddough #sensoryactivities #sensorybins
there are many different colored bottles in this collage with the words rainbow calm down bottles
Sensory Glitter Bottles You Can Make - Little Bins for Little Hands
Rainbow glitter bottle calm down sensory bottle for kids. Easy and inexpensive glitter bottles kids can make. Great for time out alternatives, stress and anxiety relief, and sensory processing disorders in kids and adults.
how to make painted watermelon for kids
How To Make Painted Watermelon Rocks
Here is an easy and fun painted rock idea for summer, bright and colorful watermelon rocks. Paint your own rocks and hide them for other people to find. Make one or two or more with the kids for a fun outdoor activity for all ages.
star confetti slimes science and sensory play for kids with gold stars on them
How To Make Confetti Slime - Little Bins for Little Hands
Simple star confetti slime is quick and easy to make for sensory play. Confetti slime is beautiful and relaxing sensory play for kids and adults.
two watermelons sitting on top of each other in the middle of a pile of ice
Exploding Watermelon Volcano| Little Bins for Little Hands
Now this is cool science. Make a watermelon volcano or an erupting watermelon using baking soda science. Fun science for Summer and perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and grade school age kids. Outdoor science and 4th of July science too. Messy play for kids.