Child Development and Learning

Looking for ways to support your child's development and learning? This board is full of resources and activities for toddlers and preschoolers and ideas for exploring how you can support your child's development and learning. Whether you're looking for ideas for decoding your child's behaviour, to play schemas, to understanding how your child plays and learns, you'll find lots of easy, fun ideas here for supporting your child's development and learning!
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the daily routine for kids to learn how to read and do something with their hands
Empower Your Child with Visual Daily Routine Charts
Streamline your morning and evening routines without the nagging! Our Visual Daily Routine Flipcharts are perfect for neurodivergent children who thrive with visual aids. Designed to foster independence and self-care skills, these charts feature clear, easy-to-follow visuals. Celebrate your child's growing autonomy each day! #AutismSupport #VisualAid #Neurodiversity
Visual Routine Charts for Neurodivergent Kids
Transform chaotic routines into smooth transitions with our Visual Daily Routine Charts, specially designed for neurodivergent kids. These low-prep, highly effective charts support your child’s independence by providing them with structured visual steps for morning and evening tasks. Download now and watch your child excel in self-care! #AutismSupport #DailyRoutine #VisualLearning
All Play Is Learning
Every play opportunity is a learning opportunity for our little ones - let's keep that in mind everyday as we're planning new activities for our kids. So, let's take it seriously and get the help we need to support their learning everyday! Head to my website to find out more.
3 Things You Need To Know About Play
Playing and connecting with your kids can be fast, easy and enjoyable! You don't need to buy loads of expensive open-ended toys or create the backyard of your dreams to create a playful home. All play is important and sometimes simple can be better. Here's your permission slip to make play feel easy, fast AND enjoyable! Even if that's just blowing bubbles in the backyard!
Calm Down Kit essentials from Kmart Australia
Creating a calm down corner or regulation kit doesn’t have to be expensive…there are so many wonderful resources waiting for you at Kmart Australia 😍 Take a look at a few of the resources I found as I strolled through the aisles this week. They’d make great additions to a regulation kit at home, in your classroom or for just for anyone that spends time with little people! Tap to save this reel as inspo to come back to it the next time you find yourself at Kmart 🙊 and head to the link to shop printables to add to your Toolkit!
5 Ways That Play Builds Brains
Play has many benefits and one of the biggest is the way it builds brains! Play makes us happy and supports emotional wellbeing, creates a meaningful methods of retaining knowledge and understanding, it builds focus stamina and engages children actively! Play is repetitious and develops creative critical thinking skills AND it's a social exercise that helps children build relationships with those around them! With all these benefits and the amount of fun we have, it's a win win!
an image of a child playing with toys in the windowsill and text that reads, decode toddler behavior learn about play schemas
Unlock Engaging Toddler Play with Play Schemas: Free Cheat Sheet!
Turn Mischief into Meaningful Play! 🌈 Unlock the secrets of engaging toddler play with our FREE Play Schema Cheat Sheet. Are you a busy parent juggling a toddler and a new baby? Tired of quick fixes and fleeting distractions that leave you exhausted? With our FREE Play Schema Cheat Sheet, you'll learn how to decode your toddler's behaviors and create captivating play experiences that nurture their development.
an ipad with the play schene app on it and text that reads, tired of short - lived toddler activities?
Learn about toddler play schemas!
Introducing our FREE Play Schema Cheat Sheet – your key to unlocking easy and engaging play for your toddler. Say goodbye to the frustration of short-lived activities and hello to captivating moments of learning and exploration. Decode your child's unique play patterns and effortlessly create easy play ideas that nurture their growth and curiosity. Download the FREE cheat sheet now!