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A collection of our favorite teaching and learning resources and printables for toddlers, preschoolers, Prep, Foundation and Kindergarten children! Find…
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four children's posters with the words orange, blue and green on them next to a bowl of candy
Brighten Your Classroom with Educational Colour Posters!
Decorate and educate with our vibrant Colour Posters! Perfect for classrooms, homeschool spaces and daycare centers, these posters help toddlers and preschoolers easily learn and identify different colours. A must-have resource for fostering early colour recognition. #ClassroomDecor #LearningResources #PreschoolTools
Fine Motor activities for Valentine's Day
These fine motor activities are perfect for you to enjoy with your toddler, preschool child or kindergarten kid this Valentine's Day! Includes play dough mats, two part puzzles, number peg cards, fine motor mats and a fun 'Feed the Heart' sensory tub! Simply print, prep and play!
Monster play ideas for Halloween
Need a little somethin’ to keep little hands engaged in play this month? Feel like time’s ticking backwards and nothing you do seems to capture your littles attention? Maybe you’re looking for fast and easy ways to connect with your little learner through play? Well our Monster Play Pack is filled with playful activities and printables for hands-on learning AND magical memory making this spooky season 👻 Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, this pack is filled with fine motor and sensory p
alphabet play dough mats for kids to learn
Printable Alphabet Play Dough Mats
Play Dough mats are the perfect way to develop your little one's fine motor skills through hands-on activities! It's as easy as purchasing and printing! You can find your printable alphabet play dough mats on my website.
two children are playing with pizza in the play area and on the table is an open cardboard box that says, pizza shop diy dramatic play activities learn more
Dramatic Play Activities: DIY Pizza Shop
Dramatic play is an incredible tool for developing your little one's skills across the board. This DIY pizza shop play set is the perfect way to get them thinking, creating and developing literacy and numeracy skills all through play. Check it out on my website!
the book cover for monster play dough mats, with two pictures of monsters on them
Monster Play Dough Mats
Cultivate your little one's creativity with my Monster Play Dough mats! My kids absolutely love working on their Play Dough monsters and I love seeing them develop their fine motor skills while they play. Get yours on my website!
the alphabet play dough mats are great for fine motor skills
Alphabet Play Dough Mats
What could be better than combining Play Dough with learning the alphabet? These mats are an incredible tool for little ones to build their fine motor skills while learning their letters! Perfect for homeschooling or literacy centers in the classroom! Check them out on my website!
monster play dough mats for kids to practice counting and matching with their own hands on the table
Fun Printable Monster Play Dough Mats
Looking for an easy, super fun activity for your kids this weekend? My Monster Play Dough mats are a great addition to your play dough activities! Simply purchase and print, then let the fun begin! You can find them on my website!
this is an image of a pizza shop dramatic play set with pictures and instructions to make it
DIY Pizza Shop for Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play is a wonderful way to develop oral language skills through play! These pizza shop printables will help you set up an engaging, play-based activity, perfect for getting your preschool and kindergarten kids using their imaginations and creative thinking skills! Not only are they developing their reading and writing skills, they'll also work on early mathematical skills like measurement and counting! You can find the full dramatic play set on my website!
the monster play pack includes plastic beads, and other items to make it fun for children
Monster Play Pack
Our Monster Play Pack is the perfect way to entertain your toddler or preschooler. Packed with 94 pages of ghoulishly fun activities, our monster play packs will teach your little one valuable skills as they explore and play. The play packs include activities such as monster dot sticker games, printables and a busy book for on the go. Grab yours from my website!
this monster play pack is perfect for toddlers to practice counting
Spooky Monster Play Ideas
If your little ones love playing monsters, they'll love our Monster Play Packs! These play packs have been designed to keep your toddler or preschooler entertained with age-appropriate activities that are designed to teach them new skills through play. Our Monster Play Packs are a one-stop resource for parents, carers and educators, with everything you need to make playtime spooky and fun all organised for you. Grab your copy over on the Lifelong Little Learners website!
the number fishing game includes australian font and numbers to match it's characters, including fish
Learn Numbers With This Fun Fishing Game
Let's make learning numbers fun for our little ones! This number fishing game is one of my favourites when it comes to getting my Preschooler engaged in exploring number representations! You can find a copy on my website if you'd like to get your kids working on their number knowledge in a fun, engaging way!
a blue tray filled with stickers and the words learn numbers fun fishing game on it
Number Fishing Game for Preschoolers
This is the perfect way to get your Preschool children engaging in hands-on number learning! This Number Fishing Game helps little ones develop their knowledge of the different ways numbers can be represented (numeral, number word, tally marks and 10 frames) while enaging in a fun, hands-on math game! Check it out on my website.
two young children playing with wooden toys on the floor in front of a window that reads setting up a toy rottation system to create a purpose for play space
Encourage Independent Play with FREE Busy Bag eBook
Looking for a free solution to keeping your little ones entertained and encourage independent play? The busy bag is the perfect solution. In my house, these little things are life-savers! Head to my website to pick up your free eBook and learn how to create a busy bag of your own.
three different pictures with the words screen free play ideas
Screen Free Play Ideas to Keep Your Child Entertained
The answer isn't always screen time, in fact, most of the time it's not. A busy bag is the perfect tool to get your kiddos learning and engaged in play without sitting them in front of the tv. As a busy Mum myself, these have been totally invaluable to keep my littles happy and entertained throughout the day! Head to my website to get the eBook and create your own busy bag.