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Winterscape Sweater Dress - LIMITED ($120AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

Winters were incredibly, unbearably cold, and lasted much longer than usual.

The White Deer Friller Dress - 48HR ($100AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

In the classic French fairytale Blondine, the princess Blondine is banished to a magical forest by her evil stepmother. Luckily, she is rescued by a cat and a white deer, who take her into their home and put

Glass Garden Maxi Skirt - 48HR ($120AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

This gorgeously detailed stained glass design will have you feeling as pretty as a peacock in a garden. This maxi skirt is made of a

Something a bit different this week! This post is the first in a series of five, focused on helping you become ever clearer about what’s unique to you,... The post How to be inspired by other artists

How to be inspired by other artists without copying them - part three of a five part series where we look at ways to approach and develop your own work without getting caught up in the work of other a