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Realizing you’ll do LITERALLY anything to see your OTP together: | 23 Tumblr Posts About OTPs That Are Accurate AF

Now there's a hilarious image. Usagi and Mamoru trying to beat me up. Usagi would fail though.

ciel and sebastian

anime lemons male reader x character and character x character - Black butler Ciel and Sebastian - Page 1 - Wattpad

Black Butler

Black Butler- simply one hell of a good show (you'll get it when you watch it) it is an amazing show about a boy who makes a contract with a demon. Sebastian the demon is a butler for ciel the boy. Sebastian is ceils butler until he eats ceils soul.

The awesomeness is unquestionably brilliant

OOH Loki and Sherlock and John and the Avengers and Lestrade all on one team? The fandoms can't handle that