A Skywalker 💎

A Skywalker 💎

A Skywalker 💎
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i for one welcome our new droid overlords

i for one welcome our new droid overlords. and could never be replaced though. The sassy droid army is rising though lol.

Then imagine Leo and Percy having the final dance off. Leo being really into it and rocking the moves and Percy laughing his head off trying to keep up

Imagine leo winning all the time and annabeth getting so angry that in the end everybody has to try stop annabeth from killing leo while he is make some kind of weird winner dance

anakinskywkler: “ “ Make me choose: anonymous asked me: ∟ Anakin or Luke? It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them.

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the marauders

the marauders· And Remus tries to give them a disapproving look but they can see him biting his lip to keep from laughing so they giggle harder and get a detention for being disruptive

Only thing wrong is she did go get Oliver wood, that was the first thing she did because she was just so excited to have someone with that amount of talent she couldn't wait to tell the team captain