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many different colored flowers are arranged together
artist reimagines the human microbiome as an intricately cut paper coral reef
using the visual metaphor of a coral reef, artist rogan brown draws inspiration from the microscopic organisms living inside our bodies. detailing diverse bacteria, archaea, and fungi he creates intricately cut paper-based sculptures hoping to connect the two worlds. via designboom.com
the water is very clear and blue with little ripples on it's surface
Alice's Nature Photos
an image of a butterfly in the shape of a caterpillarl on a black background
Colorful Water Bear Photo Wins Life Science Imaging Prize
the water is very clear and blue with some green rocks in it's bottom
Finding Your Style When You're Broke • Our Storied Home
an artistic quilt with buttons and beads on it
Memories From Hotel Fahey
there are many different colored vases with flowers in them on the table and one is blue
mariko kusumoto's dream-like textile sculptures echo a luminous coral reef
the water is very blue and has many bubbles
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