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Pretty Flower Vase in Pink, perfect for a burst of pretty blooms another marimekko classic we think.

Designed by Kay Bojesen. Denmark, ca 1970. Signed: Kay Bojesen

Designed by Kay Bojesen. Denmark, ca Signed: Kay Bojesen

Aarikka Puisto-kakkulapio: Puisto-kakkulapio

The heart of your home deserves the most beautiful, genuine kitchenware. Aarikka’s bubbly, round shapes are echoed in important kitchen supplies and tableware.

Kay Bojesen Songbird Peter

On the wish list : Kay Bojesen songbirds These delightful wooden songbirds, created in the Fifties by Danish designer Kay Bojesen, didn’t go into production until recently, when the prototypes were.

Aarikka Pohjanpässi-veistos: Pohjanpässi-veistos

Aarikka Pohjanpässi-veistos: Pohjanpässi-veistos

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