All World Visits: Finland Lake.*-*.

Finland Punkaharju ridge, the longest ridge throuhg a lake (here a part of it)

Ice swimming in Finland by Visit Finland, via Flickr

How to stay youthful. make your own hole in the ice and take a dip in the cool waters.- Ice Swimming is normal around Finland.

Island holiday in Finland! Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland - Imgur

Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland

Tumbledown log cabin, middle of a lake, Finland. Literally all I want. Level it,patch it up a bit and I could happily spend all summer here!

Alanko, Finland

Frozen Lake Island, Alanko, Finland This looks like a wonderful place on our beautiful earth


Scenery: Outstanding Collection of Marvelous Photos for the Human Eyes - Oulanka National Park, Finland