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I like this for next year's birthday chart - getting organized in advance :)
Start ten frames at beginning of year.  Add a sticker for each day you're in school.
I like this traffic light behaviour management chart because it helps students with self-regulation. When children are misbehaving or make a bad choice, they will move their peg down a level. They will also have the chance to move up a level if their behaviour improves during the day. At the end of the day, they could colour in a face in their agenda to go home, which also communicates with parents the kind of day that their child had at school.
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100th Day of School!! Love the reusable sorting mats
Simply print out the owls write the child's name then cut them out. They can be put on lockers, backs of the chairs or as a door decoration. There are colored ones or black and white ones. The black and white ones could be a first day activity for the children to color, cut, and write their name on the tag then put it up on the doorway.
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Palapeli vanhempainvartteihin. Auttaa pysymään asiassa ja saadaan keskusteltua lapsen koulunkäynnistä monipuolisesti. Vanhemmat valitsevat palan, josta keskustellaan. Yleensä aloitetaan asenteesta ja viimeisenä puhutaan muut jutut. (Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Aino Sillanpää)