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a fireplace with the words wood mantle with hidden storage above it and an image of a fire place
Wood Mantle with Hidden Storage
Wood Mantle with Hidden Storage | Ana White
an entertainment center built into the wall with measurements to fit it in front of it
Fireplaces & TVs: What You Need to Know
Fireplaces & TVs: What You Need to Know
Fireplaces & TVs: What You Need to Know
Ever wondered what size fireplace will look best below your TV? We've sold thousands of fireplaces to go below TVs, and we know what looks best. Here's a quick guide. The bare minimum is that the fireplace should be at least as wide as the TV. If the fireplace can be wider, even better. With electric fireplaces, you can go as big as you want -- they will never overheat the wall or the room. Ready to grab yours? Click through to shop our beautiful fireplaces today.
an unfinished entertainment center is shown with measurements for the top shelf and bottom shelf area
DIY electric fireplace -Shiplap
Custom Comfort: Discover DIY Ideas for a Stunning Electric Fireplace!
floating shelves with hidden storage space
DIY Floating Shelves with Hidden Storage // How To - Woodworking
Instal the floating table with us!
there is a wine bar with many bottles and glasses on it
Our wine bar decor wall in our new home.