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the landing page for leading landscapers'free lightroom presets, including an email
FREE Lightroom Presets Pack
Get one of our free lightroom presets pack of your choice: 5 deluxe landscape & nature presets, signature travel presets and 5 HDR presets for landscape for free! #loadedlandscapes #landscapes #landscapephotography #photographytips #photography #presets
the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in front of it and water on the shore
Loaded Landscapes Lightroom Presets
Loaded Landscapes Lightroom Presets
the cover of creating the orton effect in photoshop, with trees and grass
The Orton Effect – What is it and How to Create it in Photoshop
The Orton Effect is a popular editing technique, and the best part is that it can be done quickly and easily in Photoshop! Ever wanted to create those gorgeous, ethereal landscape images? Well the Orton Effect could be just the technique you're looking for #photography #photographytips #learnphotography #photoshop #editing
the title for 7 ways to use lightroom's graduated filter
How to Use and Customize Lightroom's Graduated Filter Tool
7 Simple Ways to Improve Landscape Photos with Lightroom’s Graduated Filter. Photo editing, post processing, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, tutorials, how to, local adjustment, boost blue sky, enhance sunrise or sunset colors, selective sharpening, blur, add or remove haze, dehaze, replicate the effect of a graduated neutral density filter, darken sky, lighten sky, add drama. #loadedlandscapes #lightroom #naturephotography #photoeffect
the cover of travel photography's book how to create pastels in photoshop
Editing Tips: Creating Pastel Skies in Photoshop
How to Edit in Photoshop - Create Pastels with Photoshop for sunset photos and learn to edit your travel photographs by professional photographer Lisa Michele Burns from The Wandering Lens. Easy to follow!
the cover of luminar 2013 presents by loaded landscapes, including lighthouses and cliffs
Landscape Presets for Luminar 2018 and 2019
Luminar 2018 presets for landscape photography. Quickly process your nature and travel photos with the help of these presets for Skylum Luminar 2018. Post processing, photo editing, retouching #photoediting
the most complete lightroom projects for landscape photography
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Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets - created specifically for landscapes and nature photos. 100 one-click presets plus extensive collection of workflow presets. #lightroom, #lightroompresets, #landscapephotography, #photoediting
four different images with the words travel lightroom presets above them and below it
Travel Lightroom Presets
100 Lightroom presets for travel photos #lightroom #photography #travel #lightroom
four different pictures with the words how to edit landscape photos in lightroom on them
13 Ways to Transform Your Landscape Photos in Lightroom
13 Ways to Transform Your Landscape Photos in Lightroom. How to edit nature photos, tips, tutorials, photography, photographs, tools, post processing, Adobe. #lightroom #landscapephotography
the cover of aurora hdr 2018 shows three different views of rocky coastlines and lighthouses
Aurora HDR Presets
Aurora HDR 2018 presets. A collection of presets for Aurora HDR 2018 by Skylum (formerly Macphun). These presets have been created by Loaded Landscapes and were made specifically for nature photos. #hdrphotography #naturephotography #photoediting