SSgt. Pahakala

SSgt. Pahakala

SSgt. Pahakala
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EOD-gear no longer seems to carry this item on their website. It is a cool idea for having paracord handy. If you had the spool part, you could probably make this fairly easily.

iron head studio - a few too many buckles, but nice concept

Maybe I can make something like this for a full tactical deadpool cosplay

Hobo Stove

Hobo Stove - Modify an "Ikea Cutlery Stand" to make a Great Hobo Stove!

DIY Hobo stove

DIY Hobo stove and billy can.

Hobo stove.

DIY camp stove/heat source from tuna can + cardboard + oil. Made these with Girl Scouts using wax instead of oil.

Paracord Carabiner. Great idea. Clip it to your bag and forget about it until you need it.

paracord carabiner spool The paracord is zigzag spooled(like you may find with cordage you buy from store that comes on a spool) onto the PVC pipe over the carabiner.

WHY did it take this long for someone to figure out that it would be better balanced to have part of your pack in front? This is a great design!

Exodus Tech Pack : Fly fishing chest & back combination, with enough storage to survive a two or three day fishing trip. William Joseph, on Wyoming Fly Fishing

Canadian sniper

Anyone else notice his side weapon doesnt have a magizine in it?Canadian sniper on the Gromingen UO Village obstacle course during the Annual Canadian International Sniper Concentration at the Ca.

Snipers of The Royal Netherlands Army

Sniper with winter ghilies suit.

What Does a Military Combat Tracker’s EDC Consist Of? John Hurth of TÝR Group Walks us Through His Loadout

A combat tracker needs to travel light but carry essential survival equipment. John Hurth of TÝR Group walks us through his Military Combat Tracker EDC gear.