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a black and green poster with the words how to swear in latin
I am going to memorize this so when I get angry at school, I can cuss without anyone knowing.
a black screen with the words how to swear in latin on it and an image of a
Phone-Clearing. - Imgur
an image of children in front of a box with the words sell your soul on it
an advertisement for the television show let's sacrifice today with two people and a cat
Hilarious Retro Illustrations With Dark Humor By Steven Rhodes
Funny dark humor retro illustrations
the seven wonders and their meanings in different languages, including symbols for each individual's body
The 7 Wonders AHS | via nedre carter
a man standing in an empty room with knives hanging from the ceiling over his head
after meeting ella n riv
a person holding a knife in their hand
♚(H)eadcanon –
Divination Witches, Harry Potter, Witchy, Divination, Witch
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