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Bombshell Street Style In Barcelona

one of my favorite things about summertime, browsing the aisles of freshly grown, local foods at the farmers markets - Photo of la boqueria, barcelona, españa

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10 Farmer's Market Foods for Clear, Healthy Skin: It's widely known that we put inside our body can affect what we see on the outside, so why not fill your tote with these in-season favorites for a nutritious meal that just might help your complexion?

A Handy Chart for How Long Fresh Produce Will Last on Food52

If you're not down with pesticides, these are the foods to buy organic, so they're a little less dirty.The 14 Foods to Consider Buying Organic


plantifulsoul: “rise and shine ✨🌙 come over for breakfast parties in bed (a little place called heaven 💭💫😇) this morning’s spread consisted of tropical essences and infinite toast creations 👅🙊 bananas + limes + nectaries + grapes + strawberries +.

fresh local markets on outreach? don't mind if i do.... Youth With A Mission | YWAM Orlando | www.ywamorlando.com

Going to markets that have fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods during summer and fall, is one of my favorite things of all time. How can you not love them? -by Pauline Boldt. a market in Tuscany.