DIY gingerbread Moomin house. Text by Inga Aaltonen, photo by Norman Ojanen, for Kotiliesi, 1993.

my dream baked gift for christmas Piparkakkutalon ohje: Muumitalo – Kotiliesi / Moomin gingerbread house

kungen & majkis: Virkad Lilla My-snuttefilt. Med mönster.

kungen & majkis: Virkad Lilla My-snuttefilt. This would make a nice cotton yarn kitchen towel hung on the wall.

MOOMIN / Snufkin - Embroidery Patterns

Moomin Snufkin

MOOMIN / Snufkin - Embroidery Patterns who knows if i will use these haha

Little My Template Photo by Yokosumi | Photobucket

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hæklet mumi med opskrift

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