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an easter chick hatched out from the egg shell with eight different faces and hands
Ilmainen materiaalipaketti | Open Inno
a piece of paper that has been cut into leaves and is hanging on the wall
Kevätkoivut hiirenkorvilla!
three different colored dragon shaped hair clips hanging on a wall with beaded balls and beads attached to them
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Dragonflies i stället för piprensare kunde man virka fastmaskor runt en järntråd.
two handmade flower bouquets made out of sticks
Yarn Wrapped Blossoming Spring Tree Craft
Celebrate the beautiful season of spring by making this pretty yarn wrapped blossoming spring tree craft. It is a great spring kids craft and the yarn wrapping and crunching tissue paper squares helps to work those important fine motor skills.
several children are drawing on a wall with crayons
Working on our Karla Gerard Mural
Working on our Karla Gerard Mural www.smallhandsbigart.com
two pictures of a child making art with paper plates
Never Submit A Poorly Written Essay Again
Printing with a paper plate http://www.pinterest.com/dirigo/montessori-art-ideas/
four different colored pictures of farm animals and birds on blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and pink
Watercolor "Shape" Birds for Kinder | Deep Space Sparkle
Watercolor shape bird - On a sheet of watercolor paper (regular drawing paper is fine), children follow a directed-line drawing for the bird. Fill in bird with shapes - crescents, triangles, circles, squares, flowers, whatever! I use liquid watercolor paints. For easy set-up, place watercolor paints in small condiment cups and place in muffin-style palettes.
four pictures of chickens with hearts on them
"Pääsiäiskanat ja -kukot" (Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Tiina Rautio)
a bulletin board with hearts hanging from it's sides and some beads attached to them
1.-2. luokan avainkaulanauhoja. Sydämet muotoiltu Darwi-massasta ja maalattu pulloväreillä. (Alkuopettajat FB -sivustosta / Emmi Mäenpää)
a hot air balloon made out of construction paper and tissue paper with colored sprinkles
Anniinan OpenIdeat
Miten tehdään: Oppilaat leikkasivat kartongista ilmapallon. Pallo kiinnitettiin kehyesti sinitarralla laakean astian pohjalle. Astian kulmiin laitettiin oppilaan valitsemia pullovärejä ja kaksi marmorikuulaa. Astiaa kallistelemalla oppilaat kuvioivat marmorikuulilla ilmapallonsa.
four different pictures of plants with eyes on them and some scissors in the planter
Insectos con material reciclado - Actiludis
Insectos con material recicladoManualidades sencillas
three plastic butterfly clips sitting on top of a green surface with the words welcome spring written above them