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the composition book printable tags for teachers to use with their writing and crafting supplies
Composition Book Printable Teacher Gifts
Teacher quote composition book printable tag
Kids car activities diy
Back to School Popsicle Stick Frame DIY
three yellow pencils that have been placed in front of each other with the words welcome to our class on them
the instructions for how to make bracelets with beads and other jewelry items on pink background
Keychain Wristlet Tutorial - Silicone Beads
Make your own DIY Wristlet! Step by step instructions and ALL the supplies you need to make your keys a fashion statement!
three different colored notebooks are sitting next to each other on a white table top
Sticky Note Holder Tutorial - zindee.com
three different colored frames on a table with paper clips
Personalized note pad or sticky note holder with high priority or dont forget
there are many small boxes on the counter with name tags attached to them, all decorated in different colors and patterns
50+ Easy Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors Co-workers and Teachers
a sign that says hello class hanging on a door with an apple and ribbon attached to it
Teacher notebook wooden door hanger with hand lettered hello class and apple
a yellow and pink sign that says welcome to me in black writing on it, next to a brick wall
Wooden Pencil Sign
a chair with the words time out painted on it
Here's Landon's timeout chair.... I love how it turned out!
four colorful stools with speech bubbles painted on them, sitting in the grass together
Flexible Classroom Seating (29 Creative Ideas)
67 Best Flexible Seating Ideas for the Classroom - Chaylor & Mads
a black stool with the naught spot logo on it
Lessons Learned: My Favorite Projects {September 9th}
Cute "time-out" chair
a table topped with different types of items on top of a black table next to a street
Time out stool Tutorial
how to make a sandglass time out stool with pictures and instructions on the side
Awesome Sandglass Time Out Stool: 5-Step Build
two tables with blue tops and yellow bases are shown on the instagramt page
30 DIY Classroom Cubbies for Every Budget and Classroom
two pictures of small folding tables on wheels in the living room, one is yellow and the other is white
five buckets are stacked on top of each other
Kids storage idea / kids room ideas / nursery ideas / art room ideas