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electric.silver.wood.permutation: Japanese bed, the sketchup years...

good, detailed pics of joinery for a break-down bed, as well as hanging wooden slats inside the frame so that everything comes apart and packs flat.

Pat Hawley's  router arm

Pat Hawley's router arm -- keeps the router vertical while allowing motion. Site also has plans for building a thickness sander.

Minimalist's router sled for flattening rough cut lumber

Not having enough room or money to put a jointer in my shop, and with a big project in the works that will require a large amount of lumber, I decided that rather than flattening all this straight from the sawmill rough cut lumber with hand planes.

corner jig

Top notch joinery doesn't mean anything if you don't get a good clamp-up. Try these tips to accomplish just that. clamping without corner clamps