Sanna Lundberg
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Herb Spiral - think of your spiral as having three zones, Dry (Top), Medium (Middle) and Moist (Bottom). Plant your Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, oregano, sage, curry plant, thyme and lavender at the top. Moderate moisture herbs like fennel, lemon balm, mint, parsley and nasturiums go the middle. Down at the bottom put your moisture loving herbs like bee balm, dill and watercress.

Spiral Herb Garden Herb spirals work great for people with limited space Plant arid plants on top and moisture-loving plants at the bot.

April Draven: Free Convertible Hat Pattern - Slouchy hat, Beanie, Slouchy with ponytail pull-through, or even a Scarf!

Free Convertible Crochet Hat Pattern by April Draven.The top opens up for your ponytail to stick out and it can also be used as a cowl.