wasa laiva

The ill-fated Vasa warship sank on its maiden voyage just a nautical mile from Stockholm in 1628 for unknown reasons. Probably the best-armed warship of the era with 64 bronze canons, which were immed

Kustaa Eerikinpoika Vaasa

John III of Sweden after Johan Baptista van Uther 1582 embroidered cape

SB Vaasa  Omavalinta

SB Vaasa Omavalinta

Vaasan leipomo   Omavalinta

Vaasan leipomo Omavalinta

Wasalandia   Omavalinta

Wasalandia Omavalinta

Hirven vasa  Omavalinta

Hirven vasa Omavalinta

Vaasa näkkileipä

Vaasa näkkileipä