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100 pcs cotton swabs for disposable tea bags
100 Pcs Disposable Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Tea, Biodegradable Tea Filter Bags with Drawstring, Corn Fiber Empty Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Tea (3.54 x 2.75 inch)
mason jars with spoons and tags are lined up on a table in front of each other
Detalles para invitados que gustarán (de verdad)
Frasco con preparado con cacao en polvo, perlas de chocolate y marshmallow
three wine bottles with designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a screen shot
Jurgen Lehl for Babaghuri
This feels a little bit too crafty to be considered a 'premium' consumable product, but i am interested in the idea of having a wrapping to remove before the product is seen - or a partial wrapping.
three napkins with designs on them sitting next to some herbs and other items that include lettuce
Samentüten - Samenpakete - ZWO:STE
Geschenke Garten Seed Pakets Samentütchen
a paper bag and some dried plants on a brown surface with the tag hanging from it's side
Download premium psd / image of Leafy natural brand label mockup by Kut about label, tag, mockup, logo, and branding 1202157
Brown natural brand label mockup | premium image by
some spoons are sitting next to each other on a wooden table with tags and twine
Chic Winter Wedding Favor Ideas with a Rustic Flair - Creative and Fun Wedding Ideas Made Simple
three bags with seeds on them sitting next to each other
Rooftop Gardens Packaging (Student Project)
various items are displayed on a table with paper bags and tags in front of them
Mein Honig
Real Food Botanica--a very elegant approach to take-away. I love this and would definitely pay more for take out that looked this amazing.
four boxes stacked on top of each other with labels on the lids and paper around them
Bona Fide
On Behance: Bona Fide is a fictitious local and organic meat awareness organization that encourages and produces sustainable meat packaging based in Fresno, California. This campaign is dedicated to a more environmentally conscience vision for the U.S. meat packaging industry. Its mission is to challenge the standards and practises ran by the meat processing and packing corporations by offering the public awareness and also through a sustainable packaging solution. - designer Emily Stinson