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Reason to be fit: 'cause when I look back I can be proud of what I did do rather than be disappointed at what I did not


Bird tattoos may very well be the modern equivalent of rose tattoos on the ankle of the From tiny black outlined trios on the wrist, to swallows gracing a young lady’s back, these tatts are quite popular and come in many different varieties.

How cute is that?

Love bird tattoo on neck for girls - heart tattoo, compass tattoo – The Unique DIY Neck tattoos which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Neck tattoos ideas on compass tattoo ideas, girls tattoo image to Personalize yourselves.


Castlecrag Residence Cplus C Australian studio CplusC Architectural Workshop has extended a house in a Sydney suburb so that it looks like a doll’s house with the back wall taken off.


I like the clean lines of the crown over the diamond, with laurels and roses. Nice symbols, but not my choices. and if it's on my thigh-top: i want it to be multi-directional!