minsik ༉‧₊˚

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a person sitting on the ground with their legs crossed and wearing black shoes, jeans and a hat
a young man wearing sunglasses and holding his hands in his pockets
#Minsik #Sik-K
a young man sitting on the ground next to a tire
sik-k (o˘◡˘o)
a young man wearing a hat making the peace sign with his hand while sitting in a car
a man with long hair wearing a black shirt and headband looking at the camera
a shirtless young man leaning on his knees
a young man wearing a black adidas jacket and hat with his hands on his face
a woman wearing sunglasses and a jacket
a man in a black leather jacket posing for gq magazine, with his hands on his hips
a person wearing a white hat and chain around their neck with one hand on the head
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