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Storm by Phillip Tan, colours by Elmer Santos

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Maybe skin?

Maybe skin?

Nightwing and the Titans by Phil Jimenez Dc Heroes, Comic Book Heroes, Comic Books Art, Comic Art, Dc Comics Characters, Dc Comics Art, Fun Comics, The New Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go

Titans Argent, Troia, Nightwing, Damage, Cyborg, Jesse Quick, Arsenal, Starfire and Tempest

Lana Turner, Ziegfeld Girl.


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Mallory Jansen in ‘Galavant’ (2015). x


Mallory Jansen in ‘Galavant’ (2015). x

This is just sketches of how I cut the fabric and put it together. Also, they’re not completely accurate, so trust your own measurements more than my sketches.

Fuck Yeah DC Youngsters

leechbrain: Mainly for Aigue-Marine who wanted to know how I made my cowl. But anyone who wants to make a cowl (this one mainly works for Barbara and Stephanie, but it could probably be tweaked to...

Hedy Lamarr In "Ziegfeld girl" 1941 Black and white Old Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Stars, Classic Hollywood, Hollywood Divas, Hollywood Icons, Hollywood Fashion, Vintage Hollywood, Turner Classic Movies, Classic Movie Stars

Lady Snowblood

Ieda Marcondes. B. 1986, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Filmmaking graduate, Japan enthusiast, hilariously scared of pigeons. Mais.

great idea for the "wings" for dragon costume. i can do without the sluttiness though...

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011: Preview of the National Costumes

São Paulo ...Here We Come!!! Costume Redux: Mai Phuong Thuy - Miss Vietnam World 2006; Sources say this will be the National Costume fo...