Helsinki - Taneli Eskola Helsinki, and many other Finnish cities, are absolutely fabulous in summer. I wouldn´t travel abroad this time a year.

Santa stamp.

Joulupostimerkki 2010 The Finnish stamps to be released in Japan, designed by Tommi Vallisto.

Martta Wendelin postcard - Finland

Summer - by Finnish illustrator Martta Wendelin (She especially painted for storybooks, cards and magazine covers.

Maurice Laban, 1959

Venice The Orient is Hong Kong Fly There by Pan Am Original Travel Poster Date: ca maurice laban 1959

Lennart Helje

OP: "gnome (nisse/tomte) with Freya's lynx friend." Swedish artist Lennart Helje again. Tomtar (nisser in Danish and Norwegian) with cats seem to be among his favorite subjects.

Martta Wendelin - Finland

Martta Wendelin was a Finnish artist whose work was widely used to illustrate fairy tales and books, postcards, school books, magazine and book covers.