Helsinki - Taneli Eskola Helsinki, and many other Finnish cities, are absolutely fabulous in summer. I wouldn´t travel abroad this time a year.

Martta Wendelin postcard - Finland

Summer - by Finnish illustrator Martta Wendelin (She especially painted for storybooks, cards and magazine covers.

Lennart Helje

OP: "gnome (nisse/tomte) with Freya's lynx friend." Swedish artist Lennart Helje again. Tomtar (nisser in Danish and Norwegian) with cats seem to be among his favorite subjects.

Martta Wendelin - Finland

Martta Wendelin was a Finnish artist whose work was widely used to illustrate fairy tales and books, postcards, school books, magazine and book covers.

Finnair - Finland

Fly Finnair Jet to Friendly Finland - Vintage Finland Airline Travel Poster for Sale – Such A Poster