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a person laying on the ground with their head in his hands and words above them
Jin Ankhon Ko Sajde Mein Rone Ki Aadat Ho
an image of a man with a beard on his head and the caption reads mufti menk
The more you obsess over the negative things in your life
Indeed, Allah is with the Patient.
Oh Allah there is no mercy expect through you from you and for you
Tahajjud quotes
an image of someone climbing up the side of a tree with text that reads, every time when i'm lost
a heart shaped rope on top of a blue and white blanket with the caption, way to jamaica i lost but found ahh so i won'm
Way to jannah 🦋
Islamic quotes 🤍
a white building with a clock on it's side and the words friday may open doors of happiness for all of us
Friday quotes 🤍
a heart shaped cloud with the words, allah is always with you
Way To Jannah
Islamic quote 🤍
a person sitting on a ledge with a rose in their hand and the caption says, ya allah, take care of the ones i love
Way to jannah 🦋
a man is sitting on the ground in front of a tree and some words that say nammaz dad ko khatam karti hai
the text is written in black and white
a group of people standing around each other in front of a screen with the words, be to allah as he wishes and he will be to you more than you that you can
a field full of yellow flowers with a quote about perhapss, this trial won't end until you learn the lesson it was sent to teach you
Modest and Fabulous خليك
someone is holding their hand up in front of the ocean with an inspirational quote about letting something go for the sake of
a quote that says maybe god saved you for each other, because good women are for good men
two young children running in an open area with a quote written on the wall above them
a person reaching for something in the water with their hand on it's surface
Healing Quotes, Good Energy Quotes
a red flower with the words have said some hope, life will be better than others
a man with a beard smiles at the camera and has a quote on it that says,
Islamic Quotes | Inspirational
a person standing on top of a rock with their arms outstretched
a man with a beard sitting at a table in front of a quote about how many people must there be who are completely unknown in the world
Lifestyle | BeingMuslimah
a man standing in front of a crowd holding a microphone with the caption if you believe in justice, surely you believe in the hereafter, because this world is not just
Lifestyle | BeingMuslimah
two people under an umbrella with the caption mother is one of the biggest blessinges of person
a person holding up a leaf with the words, i say be patient because you must
an islamic quote with the words, allah can make the saddes heart smile once again
a man and woman sitting on top of a rug
a woman in a white dress holding a red bag and another person wearing a blue striped shirt
an image of a man with a long beard and a microphone in front of him
a person holding their hands up in front of a mountain with the words prayers are invisible but they make impossible things possible
a woman standing in front of a bunch of balloons with the words hope above her head
many different pictures with the names of people in arabic and english, including an image of a woman holding a book
pink flowers in a straw bag with the words i tell all my sorrows to allah cause i know he will never ignore it
I tell ...
some pink roses on a white surface with a quote about people love you because they need you
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a window sill filled with books next to a cup of coffee and pink flowers
an image of two people in front of a white car and one person on the ground
two people holding hands with the words, a man who will lead you to allah and not to sin is always worth the wait
How To Treat Your Wife In Islam Quotes - Zahrah Rose
a woman holding out her hand with the words sabi written in arabic on it
someone is sitting on the floor with their hand resting on her knees and looking at something
Islamic quotes
someone pouring tea into a cup with the quote if your heart with iman and it will become the most peaceful place on earth
Islamic quotes
a robot sitting on top of a street light next to a lamp post with a quote
Islamic quotes
a person swinging on a swing with a quote above it that reads,'reliving on allah is the strongest hope
Rely on Allah ❤️🧕❤️
a woman wearing a hijab and holding a yellow flower in her hair with a quote on it
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