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a person standing in front of a large building on top of a snow covered hill
Snowing on Christmas day: Helsinki cathedral
Snowing on Christmas day, Helsinki Cathedral, Finland | miemo on flickr
a trolley is driving down the street with christmas lights hanging from it's sides
Helsinki, Finland
a snowy night in front of a large building with trees and lights on the street
Katajanokka - Helsinki
people sitting at tables in front of a restaurant with yellow awnings on the windows - Deals & Discounts for Hotel Reservations from Luxury Hotels to Budget Accommodations
Ekberg, among the oldest Cafés. No self service here : ) Helsinki, Finland
some people are sitting on the edge of a body of water
Helsinki, Finland
an old brick tower with vines growing on it
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An abode of a rock star. Truly!
people are sitting at tables in the middle of an open air market with flowers on display
Fredrikintori, Punavuori, a popular hang out for hipsters for whom Punavuori is famous.
a park bench sitting in front of a lake with a fountain on it's side
A bench at Tokoinranta
Tokoinranta, Helsinki
a bridge over a body of water with trees in the background
Helsinki: Seurasaari
Helsinki: Seurasaari
a red building with white trim on the front and side of it that says recatta
Journal - Carlos Melia
REGATTA Cafe in Helsinki
a small kiosk on the side of a road with trees in the background
Foodie tourism in Töölö
Töölö - an unlikely foodie destination in Helsinki
the full moon is seen over an old building Katajanokka, Niklas Sjöblomin valokuva
The moon is full... The photo from Kruununhaka.
a street light covered in snow on a city street with buildings and lights at night
Welcome TrekEarth users! - FlyerTalk Forums
Telephone Booth, Helsinki, Finland