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Would be great around the pine trees & front beds
Bugs can be a problem when mulch is too close to the house. Adding rocks can help that problem and also keeps heavy rain from splashing muddy mulch all over the siding...(that's really why we put it there, bugs are hardly ever a problem in this area)
Kill Weeds - Simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, and spray generously on all parts of the weed ~ leaves and root area.
Lilac tree, I just planted these to line both sides of our long driveway. Fingers crossed it works!
low retaining wall ideas | Anchor™ Meadow Stone® Retaining Wall, Small | | Pavestone
A spilled flower pot is the perfect idea of bringing a little whimsy to your garden. Just tip Southern Patio's 22.5" Natural Oak Whiskey Barrel on its side, plant bushels of mums, and you have your own spilled flower planter.
This space-saving ceramic-pot fountain adds the gentle sound of burbling water to a deck or patio. --Lowe’s Creative Ideas
Places That Are Even Better During The Winter Winter twilight.. Edinburgh, Scotland
Vik is Iceland’s southernmost village and faces the open Atlantic Ocean, framed by a long black volcanic sand beach. Less than 300 people live in Vik, but it is the biggest settlement for some 70km (43 mi). Click through to read why Vik Iceland is a MUST See!