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Maarit Kettunen

Maarit Kettunen
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capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

The Spanish Water Dog may have "water" in his name, but this ancient breed actually herded and protected livestock. Today, he's also a loyal, smart, and energetic companion.

Do you own a pet that likes to misbehave? Do you have a dog that likes to tear up your favorite belongings. Perhaps it is time that your dog not to do those things.


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Zodiac Aries.

Zodiac Aries - I'm an Aries. I have low tolerance for bullshit, that's the fact, All the negativity, I try to subtract, I just want to live in happy moments & keep my loved ones intact.

This is so true.

Oh and we don't waste our time on our Fantasy men that have let us down. Ask Joe M and Ian S why I'm no longer pinning them.The only ones that seem to have good sense these days are my British boys