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a cat walking across a wooden floor next to a fire place
The Ultimate Spot for Animal Lovers
Maine Coon cat - can rival the size of small dogs and are highly intelligent, playful and energetic. Thrive in families that include children and other pets, including dogs. They have been known to stretch up, wrap their front paws on door knobs and open doors.
a cat with green eyes sitting on the ground
Descendants bf/gf preferences.
a long haired cat sitting on top of a tree stump in the woods, looking at the camera
CatShirt - Gildan Short Sleeve Tee
a long haired gray and white cat sitting down
How To Keep A Maine Coon Cat Growth Chart? (For Maine Coon Cats And Kittens)
a black and white cat with yellow eyes
neutered dog for sale
a close up of a cat with blue eyes
Bengal Cat in the Garden
Bengal Cat in the Garden | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a cat sitting on top of a table next to a bookshelf in a room
Our Maine Coon, Lovis
Coon Cat (by Heli Berg on Flickr) Isn't he/she an awesome looking cat? @Patty Neiman @Sharon N @Ashley Ramous