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a figurine of a man with a star on his hand and a hat
Papier Mache Santas and Snowmen
a close up of a statue of an old man with a beard and white hair
Painting Santa Faces
an old man with a red hat and white beard wearing a sweater is posed for a photo
Clay Santa Face Tutorial
an assortment of knitted items including sweaters and hats
It's finally happening !
some crafting materials are laying out on the ground
It's finally happening !
Create with Cinnamon Creek: It's finally happening !
someone is making a face out of clay on the ground next to a piece of paper
Painting Santa Faces
a person is using a needle to thread something on a piece of white clay that has been carved into the shape of a human head
Clay Santa Face Tutorial
a hand pointing at a piece of dough
Clay Santa Face Tutorial
a person is making something out of clay on a table with some paint and brushes
a close up of a stuffed animal wearing a costume
36 Happy Halloween ~ Ghoultide Gathering
an orange pumpkin sitting on top of a chair
Scott Smith
a pumpkin head doll holding a flower in it's hand and looking at the camera
Home | rucus-studio
three pumpkins with faces painted on them sitting next to each other
Art dolls by Karen
five carved pumpkins with faces and hair on them, all wearing different facial expressions
Art dolls by Karen
Art dolls by Karen