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Lemon Puff Pastry
Lemon Puff Pastry is loaded with a sweet cream cheese mixture and delicious lemon pie filling, wrapped up in a puff pastry, baked to flaky perfection, and drizzled with glaze.
some cupcakes are in a muffin tin with yellow flowers on the side
I've yet to attend a party where this isn't an instant hit with everyone
three pieces of bread with apples in the middle and one piece cut out to look like an apple pie
Copycat McDonald’s Apple Pies
Four pieces of Copycat McDonald’s Apple Pies on parchment paper.
a piece of cake sitting on top of a table
Heeeyyy, good-lookin’, whaaatcha’ got cookin’ …?
a red velvet cake with one slice cut out
Easy Strawberry Cake
Easy Strawberry Cake tastes and looks like a bakery cake, but is easier than from-scratch! It's full of fresh strawberries in the cake and the icing. This cake is 'easy' because it starts with a cake mix, but don't worry unless you tell noone will ever know!
two pictures of chocolate chip cookies with milk in the background and another photo of someone holding one
Bakery-Style Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
These bakery style double chocolate chip cookies are fudgy, gooey, gigantic and just about everything you could ever want in a cookie.
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