Zentangle patterns

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an ink drawing of people standing on top of a mountain
Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks- 25 May 2020
a woman's face is shown with branches in the foreground and behind her
myart madewithpicsart 216128759001202 by @asnnea
a woman with a hat on her head is surrounded by black and white stripes,
Nuanced Portraits of Women Merged With Abstract Environments by Sofia Bonati — Colossal
an open spiral notebook with black and white doodles on the cover, showing a hole in the middle
This Cambodian Artist Is Taking Doodling To Another Level
black and white balls in a wooden box with polka dots on the outside, inside
Paco Vila Guillén
a bunch of circular designs in black and white, with the words zentangle pattern ideas
Inspired By Zentangle: Patterns and Starter Pages of 2022