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Beginning of the school year art project! Looks like the one I made with the Kinders

Classroom Doors - Be All You Can... (Picture Heavy Post)

This is my door to match my superhero -themed classroom Get comfy, I have lots of pictures for you today! This year our principal challenged us to each come up with one adjective that fit with our theme, Be All You Can. The rules were simple. 1. Doors had to have the word "be" spelled correctly. 2. We could not have anything 3-D (due to fire marshall rules) and 3. We had each had to choose a different word. So, we thought of our words and planned our door over the summer!! Here is the…

Great visual for hundreds, tens and ones.  Love this free idea from Debbie Clement!

Kindergarten Author Study: Clement + Willems

A collaborative blog by Pre K and Kindergarten specialists. Child growth and development, information, free printables.

printable bubble letters

Printable Bubble Letters | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

There are a lot of uses for bubble letters, like for craft patterns, quilting, banners, lettering, scrapbooking... oh, I could sit here and think of more, but you probably can think of more than I can.

I can't tell you how cute this is! They have such a hard time with the long/short hand! This is a must do

40 Fun Crafts for Kids! {Must-Have Kid Activities} - The Frugal Girls

On the hunt for some Fun Crafts for Kids? The kiddos will love these creative craft projects and ideas ~ perfect to keep those cute little hands busy!

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FREE $5 Amazon Android appstore credit | Amazon | Deals

“Purchase” this game for free, and you will get a Amazon Android app store credit in your account. You should get an email about the credit after your purchase goes through.

6 8x10" Free Star Wars Minimalist Printables – BySamantha

What better gift for the star wars fanatic in your life than a FREE set of Star Wars minimalist prints! Download these 6 printable files here and print at home.


Etusivu -

Etusivu Tässä blogissa käsiteltäviä aiheita Sarjakuva Viimeisimmät artikkelit Previous Next Tässä blogissa käsiteltäviä aiheita Varmaan jo arvasitkin, että tämä blogi keskittyy muun muassa sarjakuvaan omana taiteenlajinaan. Välillä minusta tuntuu, että kaiken kulutuksen, kiireen ja hektisen elämäntavan keskellä, sarjakuvia on jo pitkään aliarvioitu. Meistä Klaus Haapaniemi Klaus Haapaniemi on maailmallakin tunnettu suomalainen muotoilija ja kuvittaja. Moni … Jatka lukemista "Etusivu"

Website with different timers you can project on the screen for the class to see.

Classroom Timers - Fun Timers

A range of fun timers! Great for the classroom, or meetings. Bookmark some new educational materials today! All Free, all for download.