Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland.

photo of Sibelius Hall, Congress Concert Centre, Lahti, Finland

Mukkulan kartano, Lahti. Finland

Mukkulan kartano, Lahti. Finland

Lahti, Finland. city hall

Lahti, Finland, view from my kitchen window

Lahti♥Kaupungintalo ja kauppatori markkinapäivänä.  City Hall and marketplace. Photographer Ilona Reiniharju.

Lahti Town Hall And Marketplace On Market Day. City Hall And Marketplace Finland

Alvar Aalto's Architecture: Alvar Aalto in Lahti Finland

Church of the Cross in Lahti Today I have the pleasure to present another master piece of Aalto's work the so calle.

Lanun veistospuisto #lahti #finland

Lanun veistospuisto #lahti #finland

Alvar Aalto church - Lahti

Photo of ラハティの教会/Ristinkirkko/Church of the Cross,Lahti |アルヴァ・アアルト/Alvar Aalto

Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland. Architects Hannu Tikka and Kimmo Lintula wanted the Forest Hall to be suggestive of the Finnish forests, with the branches of the tallest trees reaching up to the sky, where a map of the night sky twinkles, depicting the constellations as they were at the moment of Jean Sibelius’s birth.

Architects Hannu Tikka and Kimmo Lintula wanted…