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Spelttipullat 5 dl maitoa 50 g tuorehiivaa tai 2 pussia kuivahiivaa 1 ½ tl kristallisuolaa 1 ½ dl sokeria (esim. täysruokosokeria) 1 rkl jauhettua kardemummaa (1 muna) noin 12 dl Spelt puolikarkeit…

Curry Powder Blend grind together: 5 tsp coriander seeds 1 tsp fenugreek seeds 1 large bay leaf tsp cumin seeds tsp mustard seeds 1 small inch) cinnamon stick 5 cloves add: 2 tsp turmeric powder

Porcini mushrooms are the star of the show, they have a deep earthy flavor that enhances any dish. Look for dried porcinis in the mushroom aisle at your local gourmet grocery store.

Super crunchy and nutty, Chinese peanut & sesame brittle is totally addictive! This recipe shows you how to make this delightful treat without fail.

Probably the best way to enjoy hard boiled eggs! Chinese tea eggs are packed with flavour and have a beautiful marble look. Recipe in two versions provided.

If you been looking for an easy vegetarian ramen recipe with rich, savory, satisfying broth, look no further. Make-ahead vegan options.