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many different pieces of cloth are arranged on the floor with holes in them and some have been stitched together
a white t - shirt with black dots and a bear drawn on the front in half
a close up of a piece of fabric on a table with a needle in it
Darning on the surface
Suorilla postilla syntyy moderni kulka Japanese Cotton, Boro, Japanese, Vintage Japanese, Bag
Suorilla postilla syntyy moderni kulka
there are buttons and pins attached to the fabric
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to a piece of fabric
Needle Books
Super adorable Needle Book.. Really like the little pocket idea for Mini Scissors. No pattern.. No tutorial.. Posted for inspiration..
an open book with scissors and sewing supplies on top of wooden table next to thread spools
the letter k is made up of white thread and beads on a gray fabric background
Learn to Embroider an Alphabet Sampler
an embroidered alphabet is shown on a white shirt with flowers and letters in the middle