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a person's feet with socks on and fuzzy fur around them sitting on a wooden floor
Pintaneule villasukat
Pintaneule villasukat Novita 7 Veljestä
a pair of pink mittens with white fur on the bottom and one in the middle
Marjapuuronväriset sukat
Marjapuuronväriset sukat
the red and white squares are arranged in rows, with one diagonal line at each end
Pitsiä, sydämiä ja valepalmikkoa! Neulo Mia Sumellin kirjoneulesukat rakkaasi jalkaan
1h 20m
two red and black tags with an image of a dog in the middle one has a yellow hat on it
Novita Muumitalo: Vilijonkka ja lapset -lapaset
two balls of yarn next to a crochet bag with a horse on it
Muumipeikko kaulahuivi/Moomintroll Scarf pattern by Susanna Mertsalmi
the legs of a child wearing pink socks
Taaperon villasukat
Prinsessajuttu: Taaperon villasukat
two knitted socks laying on top of a white rug
Jonsukat sukulaisvauvalle
a cross stitch pattern for a shirt with a dog on the front and back side
Novita Huviretki: Nipsu-haalari
Novita Huviretki: Nipsu-haalari
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a dog on the front and back side
Novita Huviretki: Muumipeikko & Niiskuneiti -vauvan body