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Gs028_10_ox 37.97 Nepheline Syenite 30.38 Dolomite 18.99 Lithium Carbonate 12.66 EPK 1.27 Copper Carbonate 0.13 Chrome Oxide
Midnight Blue on Aardvark Clay's Cone 10 B-Mix w/ sand. Glaze fired to Cone 8 Oxidation.
Selsor Temmoku
Category: Glaze, Iron, Author: Clara Giorello, Notes: Base from Vinod Tenmoku + 5% RIO. I used Cornwall Stone Substitute (volume): Potash Feldspar 8 + quartz 2 + Kaolin 1
Category: Glaze, Turquoise, Author: Mighty Mud Mixer, Notes: This mixture is a bright vibrant glaze and mostly opaque.
Category: Glaze, Red, Pink, Author: david tsabar, Notes: A cone 6 glossy pink based on a tweak of Tony Hansen's 20X5. Cloudier where thick. 0.02 chrome is not a mistake - it is 1/10 of the usual, already low, amount of chrome oxide in chrome tin pinks and reds.
plywood kitchen cabinet doors